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About Us

Meet Our Stylists


Aundrea Watkins, owner of Salon A’Marie, hairstylist and entrepreneur, has been a staple within the hair industry for over 15 years. With her focus primarily on natural haircare she has become an expert in her field. She has owned three different hair salons within those 15 years with Salon A’Marie being her most recent undertaking. 


She has always had a passion for hair, even as a little girl. Aundrea was able to make those dream come to fruition with her very first salon she co-owned named Naturally Ever After in 2007. From there she opened Simply Natural Salon in 2013, where she was able to grow her business substantially as being the sole stylist for most of the time. 


Currently owning and operating Salon A’Marie, which was opened in 2020 amidst the coronavirus pandemic, she was able to persevere through challenging times to create her best work to date. Aundrea continues to work full time as a stylist and will continue to build and create opportunities for the younger stylists that are following in her path. 


Born & Raised in a very small town in Southern Virginia from a family of creatives. In 2015, Vanni took the leap of faith to chase his dreams and move away from home to find himself enrolled at Luckes Beauty Academy in 2017. A year later, with a new career, an official hair license, and faith in his pocket, he moved to Philadelphia, PA to continue his career and expand his knowledge.


Starting at the company Ulta Beauty Salon , Vanni became well rounded in many talents such as natural texture styling, haircoloring, advanced treatments, and haircutting in all different types of textures. Vanni realized his calling to Salon A’Marie in June of 2020. Follow Vanni on Instagram @vanni_stylez

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